5 Reasons Why I Love Brussels Sprouts, And One of Them Can Help With Your PMS Symptoms

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Why I Love Brussel Sprouts

Is there a particular food you feel like you're eating all the time? For me it's Brussels sprouts. I can hear you saying "What?! Brussels and not something 'good' like cake?" Brussels are better than cake. Boom, I said it, and after you read these reasons why I love them so much, maybe you'll agree with me.

Brussels are low glycemic so don't spike blood sugar levels.

They are packed with vitamins and minerals including antioxidant ones like vitamins C and A, and they contain B vitamins (one of my faves to mention because they are important for energy production and production of neurotransmitters), vitamin K (bones and blood clotting) and a variety of minerals. 

Brussels are a great source of insoluble fiber. Diets high in fiber promote good gut health and can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. They also are good for detoxification.

Cruciferous vegetable like Brussels contain DIM (Di-indolyl-methane), which helps control estrogen levels so it can help with PMS symptoms and it has been studied for preventing cervical dysplasia/cancer caused by the HPV virus.

They also contain sulforaphane, which may protect against cancer as well.


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