They don’t want your skin to look better

As you sit there mid-flare in pain, unable to stop scratching, and miserable wondering why you can’t make your skin rashes go away…


The reason is pretty clear → $24 Billion Dollars


That’s how much the skin care industry makes from the creams, ointments, and lotions “specifically formulated for extremely dry skin”.


The industry intentionally formulates these products to work “just well enough” to appear helpful so you keep buying them.


Making you a “loyal” customer (ahem… a “cash cow”) for 5… 10… 20… even 30 years!


Your desperation to make the rashes stop and manage your symptoms translates to a big pay day (for them).


See, they’ve rigged the skin rash game against you.


And they’ve spent a lot of money to make you think that THEY are the only solution out there.


If you’re wondering why your doctor isn’t advocating for you or offering you better options, it will probably surprise you to learn that they too are on the take.


In 2014, Big Pharma paid dermatologists $34 Million dollars in “consulting fees”.


And in turn, your dermatologist gives you “solutions” formulated by Big Pharma and the skin care industry that aren’t really solutions at all.


They’re merely band-aids...


To tide you over while managing your symptoms.


And that’s the whole point here. To keep you as a “cash cow”, they won’t heal your skin rash or even formulate products that would solve the symptoms because doing so would negatively impact their shareholders’ stock reports.


So there’s ZERO incentive for them to offer you actual solutions that work.


Since you now understand how twisted this whole system is, I want to suggest something that they never will…


You’ve got to focus on healing your skin from the inside out.


To do so, you need to look deeper than the symptoms and flares. There are root causes that lie underneath your skin rashes and perpetuate the vicious cycle.


By addressing your own unique root causes, you can finally stop the flares and rashes for good.


Here’s the top 15 Root Causes for your skin problems I eluded to last week...


  1. Leaky Gut Syndrome (including gut infections, gut dysbiosis, and gut dysfunction)

  2. Genetic SNPs

  3. Thyroid dysfunction

  4. Hormone imbalances

  5. Heavy Metal Exposure

  6. Food triggers (beyond the common ones you’ve heard of like gluten, dairy, and eggs)

  7. Nutrient Deficiencies

  8. Environmental Allergies

  9. Skin Microbiome Disruption

  10. Immune System & Inflammation Pathway Activation

  11. Chronic Stress

  12. Past Trauma

  13. Liver Detoxification Challenges

  14. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  15. Environmental and Chemical Toxin Exposures


Bet you never heard of most of these mentioned at your dermatologist’s office!


Most people have 4 to 6 Root Causes, on average.


Sarah, for example, struggled with psoriasis for most of her life and was desperate to try anything… even immunosuppressants. But before going that route, she decided to see what else could be triggering her symptoms.


It turned out that she had candida overgrowth and a gut infection with low stomach acid. As a result, her gut was leaky. Plus, her mitochondria weren’t generating energy properly, she had PTSD from living in NYC during 9/11, and her thyroid function was low.


And then Katherine had such terrible eczema on her hands that she couldn’t wear her wedding rings anymore, let alone touch anything without wearing gloves. Her skin had become so fragile from steroid creams, that it would crack and break open leaving her constantly in pain.


After some testing, she discovered that she had a genetic SNP that predisposed her skin to struggle with moisture retention. And she had a number of food and chemical sensitivities, disrupted skin microbiome where the eczema rashes were located, and nutrient deficiencies that made it hard for her body to make healthy, new skin.


So you can see, everyone has their own unique bundle of root causes that fuel the rashes.


How many root causes do you have?


Once you identify what your root causes are, you can then get to work.


The truth is, addressing your root causes makes all the difference between those who end up healing their skin rashes from the inside out and everyone else who keeps trying all those external bandaids.


That’s why I’m excited for my friend Jen and her mission to empower you to put a stop to your skin rashes with her upcoming Eczema & Psoriasis Awareness Week! 


She’s committed herself to bringing together the best minds in the integrative industry to share actual “root cause” solutions instead of bandaids.


Register today and grab your spot for this eye opening event, you won't want to miss it!


Mark your calendar, Eczema & Psoriasis Awareness Week runs from April 16-22, 2018, and my talk about eczema food triggers is on April 19!


My interview with Jen was amazing. We covered:


  • Healthy foods that often trigger eczema that you'd never guess
  • How to test for unconventional food triggers so you know what to avoid
  • Chemicals found in plant and animal foods that can drive a flare


Here’s just a few of her other hot conversations you won’t want to miss…


  • Autoimmune Approach to Reversing The Root Causes of Eczema

  • What Your Dermatologist Isn't Telling You About Clearing Up Your Skin

  • Vital Nutrients For Clear Skin (That Everyone With Rashes Is Deficient In)

  • Hidden Eczema Food Triggers No One Talks About

  • Ugly Truth About Skincare Products & Why They Make Your Rashes Worse

  • Hidden Inflammatory Triggers Driving Psoriasis (And How To Stop Them)

  • How Undiagnosed Gut Infections Fuel & Trigger Chronic Skin Rashes


Plus, Jen is going to give away over $2000 in some of the best natural products out there to support you on your journey!


It’s totally free to participate in this week-long online event →




When you confirm your seat, she’ll also email you a beautiful 95-page digital cookbook to help you start rebuilding healthier skin at every meal!


I’ll be there… will you?





YES, I plan on attending, click here to register!


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"Your nutritional needs are as unique as your fingerprint, and they are dictated by your individual biochemistry. As a functional and clinical nutritionist, I can help you interpret your body's nutrient needs and customize a plan to reach your health and wellness goals. This is personalized nutrition."
-Jennifer Caryn Brand, MPH, MS, CNS, Clinical Nutritionist

Wishing you a delicious weekend!

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