EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation) and Your Health: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Photo credit:  rawpixel.com

Photo credit: rawpixel.com

Have you heard of EMF? EMF is electromagnetic frequency radiation. It is an environmental factor that can adversely affect your health, it may alter the function your immune system, and even increase your risk for developing autoimmune conditions (like eczema and psoriasis, among others).

Some people are more sensitive to EMF than others and may suffer from EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). There are a wide range of health issues associated with EMF and EHS including cancer, nervous system problems (sleep disturbances, fatigue, stress, depression, brain fog), skin issues (rashes, burning and prickling sensations), muscle aches and pains, digestive disorders, and infertility.


The following tips for reducing exposure to EMF are from Sachin Patel, Founder of the Living Proof Institute.


"EMF comes from our electronic devices such as cell phones and WiFi routers. EMF has been classified by the World Health Organization as a potential carcinogen.

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself:

1. Turn off your Wi-Fi before you go to sleep. We are exposed to Wi-Fi signals on a daily basis, from coffee shops, malls, our own homes. If it is not urgent, your Wi-Fi should be turned off before bed. You can buy a timer for it as well.

2. Turn off your cell phone at night (or at least put it into airplane mode as much as possible). This terminates all signals coming and going from your cell phone and allows you to be protected while you sleep. This action step is extremely important as the vast majority of cellphone owners keep their phone near their bed in case of an emergency call or to use the alarm clock feature.

3. Try not to carry your phone on your body, especially near your reproductive organs. Carry it in a loose jacket or in your purse.

4. Charge your cell phones in a different room or away from your bed.

5. Switch out your cordless phones for its predecessor. While this may not be the most convenient step, sticking to a landline phone will help limit your EMF exposure.

6. Use a wired headset for any cell phone conversations. This is an extremely cheap fix with a huge return on your investment. You can also use speaker phone as much as possible.

7. Unplug all electronics near your bed before going to sleep. If you require a bedside light source, Sachin recommends a Himalayan salt lamp which is a far more natural light to get you ready for bed.

8. Move your furniture away from the wall. Even the wiring in your wall emits EMF and this can be dissipated by simply moving your furniture 3-6 inches from the wall. If you are building a new wall (new project or renovation), putting all your wires in piping can permanently block EMF from being created.

9. Practice awareness. Be aware of how much you are using your cell phone, how close you’re sitting to the router, and how much time you spend surrounded by EMF.

10. Avoid having your laptop on your lap. Place it on your desk or have a pillow on your lap. The further away from the source you are the better.

11. Never let your kids talk on the cell phone with the phone against their head. Use the speaker phone. If your child is playing games on your phone, put it in airplane mode.

Hopefully these tips help you protect your family from the hidden dangers of EMF."

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