Why Your Health Issues Just Won’t Go Away

Photo credit:  pixabay.com

Photo credit: pixabay.com

Maybe they subside a little, and you get all excited about it, then BAM. They are back, full force. What’s going on?

I was talking to a client about this, and wanted to share with you what I shared with her. We were talking about her gut issues and resolving them. She’s been on a gut healing protocol for a while and her results have been just so-so. She’s been on track with her diet and supplement protocols for her gut, and she’s frustrated about not having the results she wants.

To back up a bit, this client has thyroid problems (hypothyroid). Thyroid problems can make it more likely that you’ll experience gut/digestive problems, as well as skin problems (also which she has). I had recommended a few months ago that she discuss her thyroid treatment with her doctor (I’m not a doctor so I can’t treat her in this fashion) because the numbers she shared with me for her thyroid hormones were not optimal. She did not [yet] have these discussions with her doctor. Because her thyroid remains inappropriately managed, her gut issues will likely continue to cause her problems, and her skin symptoms will also persist.

She is also under a lot of stress and we suspect she has adrenal issues too (overtaxed). The adrenals and thyroid work together to help shuttle thyroid hormones to where they are needed in the body for proper function. Gut issues also put more strain on the adrenal glands, further weakening them. In fact adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid symptoms are similar and often these two problems are confused, and therefore don’t get treated appropriately.

So, here we have a very dedicated person, doing everything she can to help heal her gut, BUT she’s missing the boat regarding the underlying causes of why her gut health is impaired in the first place. Until she is ready to look holistically at her health status, she will continue to experience issues.

The moral of the story is PLEASE make sure to consider your health holistically, and remember that symptoms are tied to systems, and all systems are connected.

There is an order of operations too (if you will). You can't jump straight to balancing hormones if you are nutrient deficient. You can't successfully fix your adrenals if you have mitochondrial problems. You can't focus on liver detox if you aren't pooping regularly (1-3 times a day at a minimum). You have to make sure liver phase II detox works before phase I (because phase I makes things more toxic and then it's up to phase II to deal with it, yikes!). Proper detox mechanisms are super important for hormone regulation. And of course, impaired gut health (like dysbiosis) can lead to detox problems through the liver... These are just some examples, and I'll stop there, I think you get the idea.

I wanted to share this with you because I often hear folks advising others in ways that only address A symptom, or A system. While the advice might be useful for THAT symptom, keep in mind the overall picture of what needs to happen to resolve the issue(s).


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