Is Your Healthy Diet Causing Your Symptoms And Health Problems?

Photo credit:  NordWood Themes

Photo credit: NordWood Themes

Food is medicine and is our first line of defense against illness and disease. Food is also the primary vehicle for fueling our bodies with the nutrients we need to function.


You can't out run (or out supplement) a poor diet.


I'm not just talking about a diet of processed foods and junk foods.


As a matter of fact, most of the people that come to me for help with digestive symptoms, skin rashes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, and other chronic health problems have been on "healthy" diets for a long time. And guess what? Their symptoms continue to get worse.


So called ‘healthy’ diets that remove foods, entire food groups, and categories of foods, and elimination diets in general seem to cause the most trouble, and this is because they remove entire food groups from the diet. Short term diets like these may help you identify triggers for your symptoms so may help you feel better for awhile, but they will not solve the underlying cause of your symptoms and health problems.


Foods can trigger reactions yes, but reactions to foods also happen to be a symptom of a deeper, root cause problem that needs to be addressed in order to restore your health.


You may have noticed, the longer you're on a diet like this, the more symptoms you start to have over time. You may even notice that your symptoms and health problems developed after you implemented your healthy diet. Maybe even 10 years later, or more. This is not a coincidence.


In addition to food restriction leading to nutrient deficiency and therefore more symptoms (all the biochemical pathways in your body run off of nutrients from foods you eat), there's an emotional aspect involved as well. I find that these same people, no matter what diet they are following become fearful of food. This leads to even more symptoms and health problems as the stress from the situation takes a stronger hold. Yes orthorexia is a real problem, and it runs rampant in our society as we are continuously fed (no pun intended) false information that this diet or that diet will heal all our health issues.


If you struggle with digestive symptoms, skin rashes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, and other chronic health problems, and have a strict dietary regimen, stop and:


Take a look at what you are putting in...


Ask yourself:


Is it enough (quality calories and nutrients)...


Is it well rounded and varied (includes a variety of foods from all food groups)...


Does it include quality sources of protein and fat (and enough of both)...


Is it low in starch (plant based diets are not, and this can feed unhealthy gut microbes)...


Is in low in fiber (high protein diets tend to be, and you do need fiber to feed healthy gut microbes)...


Are you drinking enough water...


If you are on a restricted diet and have symptoms and health problems, your "healthy" diet may be playing a role.


Trust the signs your body is giving you, not someone trying to sell you the latest diet craze.

I've worked with people, and have seen their symptoms and health problems resolve as their diets become MORE INCLUSIVE.


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