Change Your Diet, Change Your Life! For Reals.

Change your habits, change your life. This couldn’t be more true. Have you ever noticed that making a small change, whether it be in your diet, your exercise routine, has an impact in other areas of your life? Or even changes the nature of your relationships with others?
When you honor your body by feeding it nourishing foods, the magic can start to happen. I’m not talking about weight loss or other physically aesthetic attributes that may follow a healthful diet and lifestyle.  I’m talking about health and wellbeing, better relationships, new jobs, and more.  Feeding oneself well is a form of self-love. Living in love with yourself changes your world.
Where am I going with this? Good question…
Do you remember my client GA? I mentioned her a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, GA is a client of mine that had been experiencing severe, chronic constipation for over 40 years. She’d go 2 weeks without a bowel movement. She had been told by her physician that her bowel habits were normal. Normal! 
Working together as a team, we were able to resolve her 40-year struggle with constipation. Forty years! Here's what GA had to say about our work together:

"Together, with Jennifer Brand, we have been able to identify not just what foods triggered the symptoms I was having FOR MORE THAN 40 years, but also what was behind them. She guided my path toward better health practices, and understood from the very beginning that something was not right. Jennifer has been my mentor, and health coach, and held my hand in down moments, celebrations and laughs. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating the right foods, and that everything is connected. I can't thank her enough!!! "
Amazing, right? It gets better. GA emailed me last week with an update. Here’s what she wrote:
“Hi Jennifer,
I wanted to say thank you once more.  Let me explain!

THANKS to you I’m feeling great because my body is on an amazing journey. My poop is regular YOHOOOO! Even when I’m introducing some foods like cheese. I keep going with the low/no sugar and observe the symptoms when I eat or drink something out that isn’t on the candida diet. My body is responding in a great way, and my mind is focused (which links to the next thank you):

THANKS to you I’m seeing an acupuncturist, every week and doing an amazing job on balancing my body energy. The results are great for my mindset.

THANKS to you I’m enrolled in a course called Speak & Inspire. Because you showed me how important is to speak up and as a result my relationship is better and my relationship with the world is better!

THANKS to that (and to you) I have been offered a better position, which will bring more quality into my life in that it will give me more time, which I will use to care even more for myself and for the ones I love.

And all that in just a few months from making changes to my diet to kill off candida. You have given me the eyes that I needed to see the stars and I can’t be more thankful!”


Even more amazing, right? GA came to me with a LOT of symptoms, and constipation was the most problematic. Based on her case history, we suspected she had a gut yeast/fungal infection. We implemented a low/no sugar or starch diet, and within less than 2 weeks, she started having resolution of her symptoms, most importantly, the constipation. As her symptoms lessened and she nourished her body, that self-love radiated into all areas of her life! This is not uncommon. You can change your life by changing your diet. 

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