4 Reasons To Be Cool As A Cucumber

Cucumber noodle salad! First off, if you don't have a spiralizer, get one, or you're missing out big time (just sayin' ). Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here are 4 reasons why I'm guessing the saying "cool as a cucumber" came to be. 

  1. Cucumbers are very low calorie and the peel is a good source of fiber. Fiber is important for digestion and elimination, it helps remove toxins from the gut. 
  2. They are a good source of potassium, which helps regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. Potassium counters the effects of sodium, which increases blood pressure.
  3. Cucumbers contain antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin A, beta and alpha carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein. These compounds help fight free radicals, which can lead to inflammation, an underlying cause of chronic and complex disease.
  4. They also contain vitamin K which plays a role in bone health, in blood clotting, and it may be beneficial for the brain and cognitive function.