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Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Functional Health Assessment

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Book your introductory consultation with me

We’ll talk about what’s holding you back, how to overcome those barriers, and what steps you need to take to start feeling better

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If we’re a fit to work together on a deeper level, we will:

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You’ll get ongoing follow up to monitor and support you during your program

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Step 4

I offer ongoing coaching and support after your Foundation Program to Optimize your health



The process begins with your introductory consultation.

If we’re a fit to work together on a deeper level, we’ll select your Foundation Program, you’ll fill out a detailed intake questionnaire, and we’ll schedule your first session, your 90 minute Initial Consultation and Functional Medicine Analysis.

We look at your personal history, the state of your health (past and present), your current diet and lifestyle, your goals, barriers preventing you from meeting your goals and how to overcome them, and what next steps are for you on your health journey. We’ll also talk about personalized diet, lifestyle, and foundational supplement recommendations for you that will help you meet your goals.

I offer comprehensive diagnostics (functional labs), which examine deficiencies, intolerances, imbalances, and infections in order to give you the best possible insight into your current state of health.

Once the results from the diagnostics return, you have your follow-up appointment to discuss the findings and create a customized protocol to address both current, and future health concerns.

You will then work with me for at least three months, before re-assessing to measure progress.

I support you and hold your hand from the very first step, and through every step that follows.


Book your Introductory Consultation




Register and take your optional, free online functional health assessment, which helps us identify where you’re struggling with your health

We’ll review it during your introductory consultation if you choose to take it



The first step is yours, schedule your introductory consultation with me to get started