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I’m Jennifer, a clinical nutritionist, certified nutrition specialist and expert on gut health. I created this program for all of you who have struggled for years with digestive symptoms, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, food sensitivities and endless other symptoms but could never find a diagnosis or solution.

I’m here to help find the root cause of your symptoms so that you can finally heal for good. Join me, and our community in our 5 step program to restore your gut health.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for gut and digestive health. That’s what makes my program unique. I customize the program specifically for you by starting with your full functional medicine analysis to figure out the root cause of your imbalances. Together we will heal your gut and restore your microbiome (your entire digestive and immune system) to bring you long lasting relief from your symptoms and health problems.

Watch my webinar to learn why restoring your gut health will help you beat your digestive symptoms, skin rashes, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, food sensitivities, and other chronic health problems. 


My gut restore program will address why you are struggling with digestive symptoms, skin rashes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, and other chronic health problems


The key to unlocking the mystery of why you are struggling is your gut health!

Through this program we will address your gut health, and you will get:

  • Your complete functional medicine analysis report that will uncover the root cause or causes of your symptoms and health problems.

  • Your functional medicine prescription, which includes your diet plan (what to eat, meal planner and recipes), lifestyle and foundational supplement recommendations based on your functional medicine analysis, so these recommendations will be customized for you.

  • My 5 step process that I undertake with my one-on-one clients, with guidance on how to customize these 5 steps for you.

  • I’ll also teach you what functional testing needs to be done to really dig into the nitty gritty of YOUR biochemistry.

    • This is an important piece of the puzzle, and in my one-on-one foundation program we conduct that testing. Because we can’t do this in an online program, if you are interested in functional testing after this online program, you can sign up for my Foundation Program and I’ll credit you the amount of your online program towards enrolling.

  • This online program is 6 weeks long.


Housekeeping, what you need to know

  • The program:

    • We’ll be together for 6 weeks. I selected this timeframe because we will conduct your functional medicine analysis, and have 5 steps to implement, and by staging interventions, we can determine what’s helping (and what’s not). Remember that it’s taken time for your symptoms and health problems to get to where they are, so they aren’t going to resolve overnight.

    • Know that most people start to feel better within about 3 weeks once they’ve gotten started. Everyone is different, for some it’s shorter and some it’s longer, 3 weeks is an average. Certain health problems like skin conditions do take longer.

    • You’ll have access to videos to watch (1 each week), describing the steps to restoring your gut health.

    • Membership in my private Facebook group is included so we can keep the dialogue going and support each other on our journeys to better health.

  • Through this program:

    • You’ll learn about gut health and why it’s important for overall health.

    • I’ll teach you how to keep your gut healthy and happy.

    • We’ll identify and address the root cause of your symptoms and health problems so you can feel better.

    • I’ll give you access to the resources and expertise you need to meet your goals.


Let’s get started!

  1. Pay for your program (it’s $297).

2. In order to get you registered so you can fill out your functional medicine analysis questionnaire, I need a few pieces of information.

Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth

3. Once these two pieces are in place, I’ll send you your functional medicine analysis questionnaire. It’s detailed, and it’s important to fill it out as openly and honestly as possible. All information you provide is kept confidential, and it helps me make recommendations that WILL help you feel better. You don’t have to fill it out in one sitting, the information will be automatically saved and you can come back and fill it out later. It will ask for dates. The year is more important than the month and day, and if you don’t know or don’t remember, use your best guess. This is important for identifying the root causes of your symptoms and health problems so be thorough! The more detailed you are, the better your results will be with the program.

  • You will have a week to fill out the functional medicine analysis questionnaire.

  • Within 7-10 days of completing your questionnaire you’ll get your functional medicine analysis report and functional medicine prescription. This takes a little bit of time because this isn’t an automated step, I personally review your questionnaire and select the interventions for your functional medicine prescription so they are customized for YOU.

  • Once you have your FM prescription, you’ll be ready to get started with the 5 steps!

4. Make sure to join the private FaceBook group!


Is this program for you?


If you say “YES” to most of the questions below, this program is for you!

  • Are you willing to commit 6 weeks to truly focus on your health?

  • Do you have the time to focus on your health and Gut Restore?

  • Are you willing to stop eating things that don’t agree with your body?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  • Are you excited about starting the process to finally feel better?

  • Do you feel like conventional medicine has failed you?

  • Are you a motivated self starter that can learn from educational videos, webinars replays, and online customer support?

  • Do you understand that you may experience some die-off symptoms during the program (sometimes things get worse before they get better)?

  • Do you know that every individual’s health is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach?

  • Do you understand that you will continue the process of healing for 3-4 months after the close of the program, and maybe longer?

  • Are you ready to be part of a healing process and put in the work that’s involved (this is not an overnight process)?

  • Do you understand that while this program can guide your health journey that ultimately YOU are responsible for your own health outcomes?


Why An Online Program?


My mission as a clinical nutritionist is to help as many people as I can beat their symptoms and health problems, and feel better. I’ve struggled with my own health issues, and know what it’s like to feel alone, and like no one can help. Because I can help, I don’t want anyone to feel this way. And you don’t have to.

I use a functional medicine approach which means we look for the underlying cause of why you have the symptoms and health problems you do, and we address it naturally.

This requires a customized approach because your health needs are as unique as your fingerprint. That means your health needs are not the same as anyone else’s.

This is why I’ve developed my Foundation Program, and when we work together we take my 5 step process and customize each of those 5 steps for you.

I realize that not everyone has the resources for this work.

In order to help more people feel better, I’ve developed my online Gut Restore Program.

Because it is an online program, it is not as personalized as my Foundation Program is, however I am still able to make recommendations that are customized for you based on conducting your functional medicine analysis.

During my online Gut Restore Program, you will get recommendations personalized for you based on your functional medicine analysis. Once you fill out your functional medicine analysis questionnaire, I go through it and provide you with those specific recommendations, and they include diet, lifestyle and foundational supplement interventions (your functional medicine prescription).

Throughout the course of the program you will learn about each of the 5 steps, and how to implement them so they work for your body.

Because the program is online and you will work through the steps on your own, I am able to keep the cost low.

If you are a motivated self starter, and don’t have the resources to work one-on-one with me, this program is for you!


Program Overview


Getting set up

Step 1: Pay for the program, and submit the information I need to get you started with your functional medicine analysis

Step 2: Fill out your functional medicine analysis

Step 3: Get your functional medicine analysis report and functional medicine prescription

The Steps

Step 1: Identify triggers for your symptoms and health problems

Step 2: Get your digestion working

Step 3: Optimize the makeup of your gut microbiome

Step 4: Reduce inflammation and heal your gut

Step 5: Create a lifestyle that promotes optimal health


PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds, and costs incurred for supplements, testing, or anything else are not included and are your responsibility.