Summing it Up

Our Healing Hypothesis can help you change your life. It helped me change mine.

The concepts that make up my Healing Hypothesis are:

  • Health begins in the gut. This means that literally whatever chronic, complex conditions you have, impaired gut health may be involved.  

  • Your body is built to heal itself. Our job is to remove obstacles preventing it from doing so. Together we can identify these obstacles, and get them out of the way so your body can heal.

  • One size doesn’t fit all. In order for you to feel better, we have to take into account your unique biochemistry. If you haven’t gotten results from the same plan your best friend or favorite celebrity has, you haven’t failed. The system has failed you because it has neglected your individual needs.

  • Food isn’t always enough

    • We aren't just what we eat. We are what our bodies can do with what we eat. We need to make sure your body can digest, absorb and use nutrients from the foods you eat. You can have the perfect diet, but if your body can't use those nutrients, your perfect diet doesn't matter much, and won't help you meet your goals.

    • You’re on a restrictive diet, and it’s not helping much. Reactions to food are really a symptom and not an underlying cause. We need to find out why you are reacting to foods. If we don’t your diet will become even more restrictive over time, and this can lead to nutrient deficiencies and imbalances, and make your health status even worse. On top of that, restriction can lead to disordered eating behaviors (something I’ve dealt with personally, and it’s part of my mission to help others avoid the same pitfalls I’ve had to suffer through).

  • Your unique biochemistry. You feel awful yet all your lab work looks fine. Conventional labs do not take into account functional status. Many imbalances can precede abnormal findings on standard, conventional labs. We can use functional testing to identify these imbalances and resolve them to help you feel better.

  • A holistic approach is necessary, and we need to take into account all pieces of the puzzle. Are you stressed out? Do you sleep well? What is your home, and work environment like? Do you live in a busy city or in a rural area? These are only examples of other factors that we need to consider. This is why I spend on average 90 minutes with clients during our first session. We need to uncover all possible clues that may be contributing to the health challenges you have.

  • I firmly believe that supplements are an important intervention as part of an overall protocol. In today’s world our bodies are constantly exposed to a never-ending onslaught of factors that can adversely impact our health. Supplements do not replace food, but they do help restore metabolic processes to their optimal state, especially when we’ve had long-standing imbalances.

  • This isn’t about the latest fad diet. Your biochemistry is as unique as your fingerprint. That means your roadmap to better health will be as unique as you are, and your diet must be customized to meet the needs of your body, rather than worrying about if you are paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, what your blood type is, etc.