Are you…

  • Frustrated that your diet is getting smaller and smaller?

  • Concerned your little one isn’t getting the nutrition she needs because her diet is so small?

  • Confused about what to eat, or what to feed your little one because everything seems to cause skin rash flares?

  • Fed up that steroid creams and medications that affect your immune system are the only ‘solutions’ your doctor has?

  • Worried your little one will always have to wear eczema suits and mittens so she doesn’t scratch herself raw?

  • Tired of being asked if your little one’s skin rash is contagious?

You don’t have to live like this, and your little one’s first years shouldn’t be spent this way.

My name is Jennifer Brand and I am a clinical nutritionist. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

You can beat skin rashes, food allergies and sensitivities, and gut problems you and your little ones struggle with.

There are so many children suffering with skin rashes like eczema. It breaks my heart to hear parents and caregivers struggle with trying to find the safest way to help their children that’s also effective.

Know that symptoms are tied to systems, and all systems in your body are connected. This is why cookie cutter, one-off interventions you find online haven’t solved the problem. They don’t connect the dots between symptoms and the unique, inter-workings (your biochemistry) of your body in order to resolve imbalances and get the relief you’re looking for.

Think of it this way, you can’t build a house without a strong foundation, and if there are cracks in your foundation, your house will fall down. The same goes for your body. Cracks in your foundation will cause problems with your health. 

We need to go back to the basics to identify and address cracks in your foundation.

In this 40 minute Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • The problem with dieting, and being on a long-term elimination diet

  • Why food sensitivities are not the root cause of the problem

  • The difference between food allergies, food sensitivities, and food intolerances

  • Why gut problems need to be addressed to heal your skin

  • What your little one should be eating for healthy skin

  • Which nutrients that are important for healthy skin, and what foods they are found in

  • What testing can help determine what root causes your little one has

  • Which supplements can help

  • What to do if your baby has eczema and is breast or bottle fed

  • What to do if you’re pregnant and have eczema

  • And much more!

Once you purchase the Master Class, you’ll get an email to access the transcript, resources, and free gifts, too.