Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition

Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, Clinical Nutritionist


AllieFitFoodie Services

I offer sessions and packages for individuals and families, group packages, and monthly memberships.

All services are customized for your needs, and may include diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. 

Your individual genetic, and environmental factors are considered important determinants of your health status now, and in the future. 

Working collaboratively with your physician and other healthcare providers is important to make sure your health is addressed holistically. 

We can find the underlying cause of your chronic, complex health condition, and we can address it to support your optimal health. 

Your biochemical individuality is an integral piece of the puzzle, and functional laboratory testing can enhance what we know about you, and therefore the quality of the interventions we implement.

Nutrient supplementation can be a key factor for improving overall metabolic function, thus it can positively impact the issues you are experiencing. Often, due to long standing deficiency and imbalances, the addition of supplemental nutrients can help restore metabolic processes to their optimal state.