Working With Me, The Process and Program

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 1

The first step begins with you registering, and filling out your Functional Health Assessment.


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 2

Next, book your introductory consultation with me to review your Functional Health Assessment. We’ll talk about the state of your health (past and present), your goals, barriers preventing you from meeting your goals, how to overcome them, and what next steps can look like for you on your journey to beating your symptoms and health problems. 


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 3

I then offer a comprehensive program (my Foundation Program and Functional Medicine Analysis) along with diagnostics (functional labs*) to examine deficiencies, intolerances, imbalances, infections, and more, in order to give you the best possible insight into the current state of your health. These diagnostic tools help us identify the root cause of your symptoms and health problems so that we can address it, naturally.

You’ll provide additional, detailed information telling your story, select your program option, and we’ll get our first official session on the calendar to dig even deeper into the details, and determine which diagnostics we’ll use to uncover those root causes.


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 4

Once the results from the diagnostics are available, we’ll have our next session, and build your customized protocol that will include diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, as well as any findings that may indicate a need for additional diagnostics.


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 5

My Foundation Program and Functional Medicine Analysis is 3 months long, and you’ll be meeting with me either twice per month (total of 6 sessions), or once per month (total of 3 sessions), depending on the level of support you need to carry out your protocol.

I also offer my Optimize Program for ongoing support beyond the initial 3 month Program. Depending on the level of ongoing support you need, I offer twice per month, or once per month Optimize Programs. 

We will tweak your protocol as needed along the way so it continues to help you meet your goals and feel better.


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Step 6

I support you and hold your hand from the very first step, and through every step that follows**. 

To get started scroll back up to the top of this page, get your Functional Health Assessment, and schedule your introductory consultation.

I’m excited to work with you to help you beat your symptoms and health problems, meet your goals, and finally feel better!



Services and Pricing


Foundation Program And Functional Medicine Analysis

Build your foundation

  • $1695 (3 months, 6 sessions)

  • $975 (3 months, 3 sessions)



Optimize Program For Ongoing Monthly Support

Optimize your health

  • $450 per month (3 months, 6 sessions)

  • $275 per month (3 months, 3 sessions)



Single Consulting Sessions

Guidance and answers to your questions



*Functional lab testing: Insurance billing for functional testing may be available.

**Communication outside of sessions: I respond to email and phone messages typically within the same day, however it may take up to 72 [business] hours for a response depending on my availability (Saturday and Sunday are not included in this timeframe). Depending on the level of communication requested between sessions, additional fees for services provided may be charged.

All pricing is subject to change.

Fees paid for sessions, and any services provided are nonrefundable.

Sessions are virtual.

Payment must be received prior to any work conducted on your case, and in order to schedule a session.

Payment plans may be available.

Pricing is per person.

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition does not take insurance. 

Costs of recommended supplements and *functional lab testing are not included in Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition’s pricing and services. They are the responsibility of you/the client.

Laboratory assessments requested from your doctor may or may not be covered by insurance. It is your/the client's responsibility to work with your doctor and insurance company. 

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition has the right to refuse service.

Appointment cancelation: To avoid being charged the cost of your session, notice of cancelation must be given 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is on Monday, notice of cancelation must be received on the preceding Friday.