Services and Pricing

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition

One size does not fit all

We develop a diet, lifestyle and nutrient supplementation plan that will help YOU feel better, and reach YOUR health and wellness goals

Foundation Program

Build your foundation for $1595

Includes 6 sessions (our first session is 60-90 minutes, follow up sessions are 30 minutes each), and support between sessions:

  • Detailed case review of your health history, current diet, labs, medications, supplements, and lifestyle

  • Recommendations for additional conventional labs from your doctor, recommendations for functional labs*, and analysis of labs

  • Customized diet, foundational supplement, and lifestyle recommendations

  • Reasonable communication** for support between sessions  

We meet every other week for 3 months.

Sessions to be used within the program timeframe (use them or lose them).

The cost of functional labs*, supplements or anything else not noted herein is not included.

To get started building your Foundation, next steps are to fill out my detailed intake questionnaire by clicking here.

Once you complete and submit the questionnaire, you can schedule our initial session, and pay for the program via the link provided below the questionnaire (you’ll see it). After we get started, we’ll get our twice a month sessions on our calendars.

Optimize Program (ongoing monthly support)

Optimize your health: $450 per month (2 sessions each month for 3 months), or $275 per month (1 session each month for 3 months)

Sessions are 30 minutes each, and support between sessions is included:

  • Follows the Foundation Program

  • Ongoing support and adjustments to your protocol to keep you on track, and the needle moving forward towards meeting your goals

  • Reasonable communication** for support between sessions

We meet either twice a month, or once a month.

Sessions to be used within the program timeframe (use them or lose them).

The cost of functional labs*, supplements or anything else not noted herein is not included.

Pick My Brain (single consulting sessions)

A 30 minute session is $125, and a 60 minute session is $250

If you are looking for guidance and have questions about your health, your labs, current diet, supplement regimen, etc., Pick My Brain!

Get Started

Not sure where to begin?

Let’s Get Started with your free 15 minute guidance session and:

  • Evaluate what’s worked for you and what hasn't.

  • Get a clear picture of what's important to you, your lifestyle, and your goals so that the path ahead is in line with these factors.

  • Determine what an effective program and action plan may look like based on your health history, and other important pieces of the puzzle, should we decide to work together on a deeper level.

*Functional lab testing: Often, conventional lab results appear normal, yet we still don't feel well. Conventional labs are based on a range, which is an average of the general population. The general population is far from healthy! Conventional testing doesn't identify insufficiency, rather it looks for deficiency. We can have subclinical insufficiencies causing our symptoms, and they will go unnoticed. These are reasons why you may not feel well, and still have lab results that are in range. 

Because conventional labs give us information that is far from optimal, unidentified, underlying dysfunction can be causing your symptoms. Functional testing can help assess this, and guide us in creating a plan truly based on your unique needs.

Insurance billing for functional testing may be available.

**Communication outside of sessions: I respond to email and phone messages typically within the same day, however it may take up to 72 [business] hours for a response depending on my availability (Saturday and Sunday are not included in this timeframe). Depending on the level of communication requested between sessions, additional fees for services provided may be charged.

All pricing is subject to change.

Fees paid for sessions, and any services provided are nonrefundable.

Sessions are virtual.

Payment must be received prior to any work conducted on your case, and in order to schedule a session.

Payment plans may be available.

Pricing is per person.

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition does not take insurance. 

Costs of recommended supplements and laboratory assessments (other than those noted) are not included in Jennifer Carny Brand Nutrition’s pricing and services. They are the responsibility of you/the client.

Laboratory assessments requested from your doctor may or may not be covered by insurance. It is your/the client's responsibility to work with your doctor and insurance company. 

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition has the right to refuse service.

Appointment cancelation: To avoid being charged the cost of your session, notice of cancelation must be given 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If your appointment is on Monday, notice of cancelation must be received on the preceding Friday.