Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition

Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, CNS Clinical Nutritionist

This is Personalized nutrition based on your unique biochemistry

At Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition our focus is on your unique biochemistry. This is how we develop a diet, lifestyle and nutrient supplementation plan that will meet your needs and help you reach your health and wellness goals.


Strategy Session (initial consultation only) - $75

Not sure where to start? During our 30 minute Strategy Session, we’ll discuss:

  • What’s worked for you and what hasn't.
  • Get a clear picture of what's important to you, your lifestyle, and your goals so that the path ahead is in line with these factors.
  • What an effective action plan may look like based on your health history, and other important pieces of the puzzle, should we decide to work together on a deeper level.

Pick My Brain (individual sessions) - $115/$225

If you have questions about your health or are looking for general guidance, Pick My Brain! Individual sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in length.


FoundatioN - $695

Includes 3 sessions. We will conduct a detailed case review, review your current labs, determine recommendations for functional labs (as appropriate), diet, lifestyle, and foundational supplements, and track diet and symptoms. Limited email communication between sessions is included.  The cost of functional labs*, supplements or anything else not noted herein is not included. Expires 3 months from the date of our first session.

Reset - $895

Includes Foundation Program services, plus 2 additional support sessions (5 sessions total). The cost of functional labs*, supplements or anything else not noted herein is not included. Expires 3 months from the date of our first session.

Uplift (monthly membership) - $495/month, 3 month minimum

Includes 1 session each month, and ongoing email communication for support between sessions. We will conduct a detailed case review, review your current labs, determine recommendations for functional labs (as appropriate), diet, lifestyle, and foundational supplements, and track diet and symptoms. We will monitor your progress each month and tweak our recommendations as needed to keep moving the needle forward to help you meet your health and wellness goals. The cost of functional labs*, supplements or anything else not noted herein is not included.


*Functional labs can be purchased separately, and the analysis and recommendations based on them is charged at an hourly rate.

optimize 1, 2 and 3 (Includes functional testing) – $2695, $3695 and $4695

Optimize 1, 2 and 3 programs are 90 days in length and vary by the amount of support you need to meet your health and wellness goals. Optimize programs include, on average, 2 functional tests (value of up to $1,000).

  • Optimize 1 is for motivated, self-starters, who don’t need external support.
  • Optimize 2 is for those needing additional support to stay motivated and on track.
  • Optimize 3 is for those looking for more frequent check-ins to stay motivated and on track.

All Optimize programs include:

  • 1 lab review session that typically lasts 60 minutes
  • 1 case review session that typically lasts 60 minutes
  • 1 follow up session that typically lasts 45 minutes
  • Development of an action plan
    • Diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
  • Functional testing
    • Examples of tests we might use to tailor interventions to your unique biochemistry include:
      • IgG and IgE food sensitivity and food allergy testing
      • Comprehensive digestive stool analysis 
      • Urinary organic acids or NutraEval testing
      • Nutrigenomic testing

Optimize 2 and 3 programs include additional, 30 minute check in sessions to provide extra support. Optimize 2 includes two of these sessions, and Optimize 3 includes four. 

For all Optimize programs, our first 2 sessions will focus on case and lab reviews.

Your case review is based on my detailed intake questionnaire that you will fill out. It is comprehensive on purpose, because it makes you think and asks questions your doctor likely never has. The information obtained from the intake questionnaire (along with our lab review) provides important clues that can help us find the root cause of your health problems so that we can address it.

We will review conventional and functional labs. Functional labs are included as noted, and are an important piece of the puzzle for creating a plan customized to your unique biochemistry.

Based on our detailed discussions of your case history and labs, I will be able to create your action plan that will include diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations customized to your unique biochemistry.

We will meet to review the plan (45 minute follow up session) to put the finishing touches on it. If you select Optimize 2 or 3 programs, we will have additional follow up sessions to track your progress and continue to tweak your plan.

My time between sessions conducting research and customizing your plan is included. Sessions must be used within 4 months.

Costs for supplements, or anything else not noted herein is not included.

JCB Nutrition Customized Diet Plans (5 WEEK PROGRAM YOU CAN IMPLEMENT ON YOUR OWN OR WITH MY ASSISTANCE) - $1295 Self Implementation/$2695 Guided Implementation

This 5 week program will kick start your way to feeling better!

Let’s develop your JCB Nutrition Customized Diet Plan, based on your individual dietary and nutritional needs. You can implement this 5 week program on your own. A 60 minute activation call, and a 45 minute follow up call are included. Cost for the 5 week, self implemented program is $1295.

Need guidance over the course of the 5 week program? We can work together for 5 weeks to help guide your efforts. A 60 minute activation call, weekly symptom and diet tracking (you'll have some homework), and three 45 minute coaching calls are included. Cost for the 5 week program, with my guidance, is $2695.

Please note, this is not necessarily a weight loss diet. The purpose of this diet is to reset and cleanse your body. If you have health conditions and symptoms that no one can seem to explain, often the root cause lies in our digestive and metabolic capability, and often unidentified food allergies and sensitivities are involved. This program can help us identify these kinds of issues. 

Pantry and kitchen makeover - $795

If you're in the Los Angeles area, let me raid your pantry and kitchen! I will go through your pantry and kitchen with you to give your diet a makeover by getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, and we'll hit your favorite local market to restock. 

We'll take into account your personal preferences, any food allergies and food sensitivities you may have, and take a look at any symptoms you may be having that could have dietary/nutritional implications. 

Where possible, I'll provide you with recommendations for alternative options for what we remove that will help promote better health and wellness, and provide tips and resources for savvy and healthy food shopping so you can restock with foods that promote health rather than hinder it on your own.

If you are also interested in a diet plan, you'll receive a discounted rate when you include either the self implemented or guided JCB Reset and Cleanse Diet.

Coming soon - JCB Nutrition Diet

Currently under development, the JCB Nutrition Diet is a turnkey program that will give you a complete plan to follow, along with materials to support your implementation of it. 

Sessions: Virtual sessions are available.

 Payment must be received prior to any work conducted on your case, and in order to schedule a session.

Functional testing: Often, conventional lab results appear normal, yet we still don't feel well. This is because conventional labs are based on a range, which is an average of the general population. The general population is far from healthy! As well, conventional testing doesn't identify insufficiency, rather it looks for deficiency. We can have subclinical insufficiencies causing our symptoms, and they will go unnoticed. These are reasons why you may not feel well, and still have lab results that are in range. 

So, while labs may appear normal for conventional medical practice, they can be far from optimal and therefore underlying dysfunction can be causing your symptoms. Functional testing can help assess what conventional testing cannot and help us understand what optimal should look like for you. Therefore functional testing can guide us in creating a plan truly based on your unique biochemistry.

The tests listed above are examples of those I use most often in my practice because they give me information I need to customize our interventions for you. A portion of the cost of the program is allocated to functional testing. There is a wide range of functional tests available that may be helpful. We may determine that other functional tests will be more beneficial for your case and we can use the funds for them rather than those listed.

Communication outside of sessions: I respond to email and phone messages typically within the same day, however it may take up to 72 [business] hours for a response depending on my availability (Saturday and Sunday are not included in this timeframe). Depending on the level of communication requested between sessions, additional fees for services provided may be charged.

All pricing is subject to change. Fees paid for sessions, and any services provided are nonrefundable.

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition does not take insurance. 

Costs of recommended supplements and laboratory assessments (other than those noted) are not included in Jennifer Carny Brand Nutrition’s pricing and services. They are the responsibility of you/the client. Laboratory assessments requested from your doctor may or may not be covered by insurance. It is your/the client's responsibility to work with your doctor and insurance company. 

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition has the right to refuse service to anyone who does not abide by the policies and expectations outlined between practitioner and client. 

 For all appointments, notice of cancelation must be given 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If your appointment is on Monday, notice of cancelation must be received by noon Pacific Time on the preceding Friday. If an appointment is not canceled within these parameters, you will be charged for the cost of an hour's time ($225).