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You should complete this application if you:

  • Are serious about making changes and willing to take steps to move the needle forward to improving your health.

  • Understand beating your symptoms and health problems doesn’t happen overnight and requires effort.

  • Are ready to invest time and resources in yourself and your health.

  • Are dedicated, motivated, ready to take control of your life, and break through barriers holding you back.


During our 45 minute consultation we will

  • Discuss what’s worked for you and what hasn't.

  • Get a clear picture of what your priorities are, your lifestyle, and your goals so that the road ahead is in line with YOU.

  • Determine what effective next steps are based on your health history, and other important pieces of the puzzle.

  • Provide you with 2-3 customized interventions you can implement to start meeting your goals NOW.


What else you should know

  • Sessions are virtual (we can connect and work together no matter where you are), and we can talk via phone or use a video option like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom Meeting.

  • I do not take insurance, however insurance billing may be available for functional testing (depending on your insurance), and I’m happy to provide you with a Super Bill you can submit to your insurance for my services.

  • Fees paid for sessions, packages, programs and/or other services are nonrefundable. You can click here to learn more about my services.

If you have questions, or aren't sure if this is for you, please contact me first for clarification.

Please fill out your answers to the questions below as openly and honestly as possible.




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