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Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, Clinical Nutritionist


Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition, Testimonials
"Together, with Jennifer Brand, we have been able to identify not just what foods triggered the symptoms I was having FOR MORE THAN 40 years, but also what was behind them. She guided my path toward better health practices, and understood from the very beginning that something was not right. Jennifer has been my mentor, and health coach, and held my hand in down moments, celebrations and laughs. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating the right foods, and that everything is connected. I can't thank her enough!!! 

— GA

“Working with Jennifer has been informative and extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and knows all the latest scientific literature, which is important to me. With her help, I’ve made some pretty big leaps to get back on the right track with my health! ”

— TM

“Jennifer is extremely passionate and truly cares about your health. She is a thoughtful, compassionate nutritionist who digs and digs to connect the dots into whatever your health issue may be. I’ve been working with Jennifer for almost a year now and she is by far the most thoughtful nutritionist who asks questions no other doctor I’ve been to for my concerns has ever bothered to ask, and my skin issues that have plagued me for years have now cleared up!”

— JG

“Jennifer is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and extremely well-informed. I was amazed at how much research she did to help understand my issues with infertility... Since I began seeing Jennifer, I’ve seen some positive signs on the fertility front. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the help of a nutritionist to battle chronic problems - particularly the kind that Western medicine consistently fails to address. She’s the real deal!”

—  VG

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