I’ll Teach You How, And Hold Your Hand Each Step Of The Way

When going through my own health challenges, what was missing was someone to help guide me and hold my hand through the process. Because I know what it feels like to be sick, alone and scared, I don’t want you to go through the same thing.

- Jennifer, Clinical Nutritionist



Are you concerned that…

  • Medications, and even supplements are making your symptoms worse?

  • Topical lotions and steroid creams could be flaring your skin rashes and even addictive to you skin?

  • Immunosuppressive drugs are masking your symptoms and preventing you from knowing if you’re getting better or worse?

  • You’ll become so tired that you won’t be able to function at work or at home?

  • You can’t get off your elimination diet and that you’re becoming increasingly sensitive to more foods?



You need a different approach


You need an approach that identifies and addresses the root cause of your symptoms and health problems, naturally.


My name is Jennifer Brand and I am a clinical nutritionist. I have a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Masters Degree in Public Health, a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist, gut health expert, and self-proclaimed anti-diet advocate.


Diet and nutrition are NOT the same! This isn’t about implementing a diet. We need to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs to function optimally from the foods you eat, and that your body can use those nutrients. This is nutrition, and is what we do together.

-Jennifer, Clinical Nutritionist


It begins with your introductory consultation. We’ll talk about what’s holding you back, how to overcome those barriers, and what steps you need to take to start feeling better.


I’m passionate about teaching you what you can do to beat your symptoms and health problems, even if we don’t work together one-on-one.

This is why I create educational content and keep it here on my website. I hope these resources are valuable for you!

- Jennifer, Clinical Nutritionist



Restore Your Gut Health - Webinar

My webinar will teach you:

  • Why you’re struggling with your symptoms and health problems

  • The link to impaired gut health

  • What causes impaired gut health; and

  • What you can do to restore it

When Diet Isn’t Enough - Webinar

My webinar will teach you:

  • Why diet isn’t enough

  • The problems with diets, and why they can make your health problems worse

  • The importance of fats, carbs and proteins in your diet

  • Why you need to address impaired gut health instead of eliminating and restricting foods from your diet

  • How to address impaired gut health to restore your overall health



Simple Recipes

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated

Your Gut

Health begins in the gut

YOur Diet

Tips and tricks to stay on track


Your Skin

Skin health is more than skin deep

YOur Lifestyle

Optimal health requires a holistic approach

Food & Nutrient CHeat sheets

Food and nutrients are medicine



Professional grade supplements, because quality matters


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