My son has had behavioral problems, food sensitivities and various rashes from his scalp to his feet for more than 7 years. He has been taken to a variety of professionals, from pediatricians to dermatologists to neurologists to psychiatrists to holistic and functional medicine doctors. I also researched quite extensively myself and implemented various treatments and diet changes, with minimal improvement. Then we found Jennifer and everything turned around.
— Amy
Jennifer was so attentive as she guided me through this process of using diet, lifestyle and nutrient supplements to resolve my health problems, and I met my goals! I’m at my goal weight, my blood sugar and lipid levels are in normal ranges, my headaches and reflux are gone, and I’m not taking any medications!
— Jessica
I am really ecstatic about doing better! I had a severe case of eczema which included weeping, bleeding in some cases, cracked, burning and itchy skin. After working with Jennifer for the past 9 months, my condition has drastically improved.
— Ryan
My daughter had constant red, itchy skin on her arms, neck and scalp. Nothing we tried helped. With following the protocol Jennifer created for us, my daughter’s scalp is clear, her arms are almost clear, and all that is left on her neck is a small stubborn patch. We have a little ways to go, but it’s amazing now to pick her up after school and to see her not scratching constantly! I’m so glad Jennifer helped us get on the right track to beating my daughter’s skin rashes.
— Tara


Are you…


Frustrated that your diet is getting smaller and smaller?

Concerned your little one isn’t getting the nutrition she needs because her diet is so small?

Confused about what to eat, or what to feed your little one because everything seems to cause skin rash flares?

Fed up that steroid creams and medications that effect your immune system are the only ‘solutions’ your doctor has?

Worried your little one will always have to wear eczema suits and mittens so she doesn’t scratch herself raw?

Tired of being asked if your little one’s skin rash is contagious?


You don’t have to live like this, and your little one’s first years shouldn’t be spent this way


My name is Jennifer Brand and I am a clinical nutritionist. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Master’s Degree in Public Health, a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist.


You need an approach that doesn’t take more foods out of your diet, or involve stronger prescription creams.

You need an approach that addresses the root cause of the problem.


Know that symptoms are tied to systems, and all systems in your body are connected. This is why cookie cutter, one-off interventions you find online haven’t solved the problem. They don’t connect the dots between symptoms and the unique, inter-workings (your biochemistry) of your body in order to resolve imbalances and get the relief you’re looking for.

Think of it this way, you can’t build a house without a strong foundation, and if there are cracks in your foundation, your house will fall down. The same goes for your body. Cracks in your foundation will cause problems with your health.

We need to go back to the basics to identify and address cracks in your foundation like:


Your body runs off of nutrients from foods you eat, and when those nutrients are missing imbalances develop, and symptoms and health problems follow. Nutrients can be missing because they aren’t being included in the diet. Elimination diets to manage symptoms, and ‘healthy’ diets that restricts foods, food groups and categories of foods may be guilty of this. Healthy skin requires a variety of nutrients that are often missing on elimination diets, and diets that restrict foods, food groups and categories of foods.

Food allergies and sensitivities aren’t the root cause of skin rashes, or other symptoms and health problems. They are another symptom, and are an indication of gut problems. This is why removing food after food from your diet hasn’t solved the problem, and in fact can make it worse because this contributes to missing nutrients, and it doesn’t resolve gut problems.

Gut problems

Nutrients can be missing because of gut problems. We aren’t what we eat, we are what our bodies can do with what we eat. If you can’t digest and absorb nutrients from foods you do eat, no diet in the world will help heal your skin, manage your food allergies and sensitivities, or bring you relief from other symptoms and health problems you may have.

It’s gut problems that are causing your food allergies and sensitivities.

Chronic stress

Nutrients can be missing because of chronic stress, which burns through nutrients and steals them from other needs your body has. Chronic stress can come from:

Restricted diets, over exercise, injury, gut problems, illness and disease of any kind, including skin rashes, and other physical assaults;

Prescription medication use, environmental pollutants, pesticides and processed foods, and other toxic exposures; and

Personal, relationship, financial, work related concerns, and other emotional and mental hardships. Even though little ones may not have work, financial or relationship stress, they can feel yours.

Often a combination of these types of stressors are happening at the same time.

Your foundation

By addressing cracks in your foundation like these we can resolve imbalances they cause, nourish your body, restore health, and beat skin rashes, and food allergies and sensitivities, as well as other health concerns you haven’t been able to get relief from.

In order to identify the cracks contributing to your symptoms and health problems, we dial into your unique biochemistry with advanced diagnostics you can’t get from your conventional medical care. This functional testing allows us to examine deficiencies, intolerances, imbalances, infections, and more, in order to give you the best possible insight into the current state of your health. These diagnostic tools give us the information we need to develop a customized protocol that will get you the relief you’re looking for.

It’s time to stop struggling, get relief, and live the life you deserve to have.


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