Initial Consultation and Functional Medicine Analysis

During your Initial Consultation and Functional Medicine Analysis we’ll dig deep to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and health problems, and talk about:

  • The state of your health (past and present)

  • Your goals

  • Barriers preventing you from meeting your goals and how to overcome them

  • Nutrition, lifestyle, supplement, and functional lab recommendations to help nourish your body, identify imbalances, and meet your goals without unnecessary diet restrictions

  • What next steps are for you on your health journey; and

  • You’ll get a copy of your Functional Medicine Analysis report

Your Initial Consultation and Functional Medicine Analysis is included in my Foundation Program, or it can be a stand-alone session.

Build Your Foundation

We work together over the course of 3, 6, or 12 months. My Foundation Program includes:

  • 3, 6, or 12 formal sessions respectively

  • Your detailed intake, case history review and functional medicine analysis

  • Review and analysis of conventional and functional testing

  • Protocol development and tweaking that includes customized supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations

  • Communication between sessions; and

  • Tracking of your symptoms to monitor for improvement

The length of the program selected depends on what level of support you need and what is happening with your health. Skin conditions for example take longer to resolve and 6 or 12 month programs are recommended.

Optimize Your Health

After your selected Foundation Program, my Optimize Program provides ongoing monthly support to keep the needle moving forward towards meeting your goals.

Single Sessions

Single consulting sessions, and single consulting session packages are available. Single sessions do not include support between sessions. Support between sessions is billed in 15 minute increments.

Introductory Consult

During your introductory consultation we will talk about what’s happening, I’ll provide you with guidance, actionable interventions, and we can determine what services will best meet your needs.

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Online Gut Restore Program

If you’re a self starter and don’t need additional support, my online program will teach you the 5 steps that will nourish your body, identify and address imbalances, and restore your health, without unnecessary diet restrictions. You’ll get your full functional medicine analysis, and learn how to customize the 5 steps for you. These are the 5 steps I guide you through during my Foundation Program.

Policies and Expectations

To learn more about the policies of my practice, and my expectations of you as a client and myself as your practitioner, read my onboarding documents, forms and agreements. You only need to sign the forms if we will be working together, and I will instruct you to do so as appropriate.


My clients spend between $250-$7,000, depending on what their unique needs are.

Know that resolving underlying imbalances in your body takes time. Patience, persistence, and consistency with your protocol is necessary to achieve results.

Fees paid for sessions, and any services provided are nonrefundable.