“My daughter had constant red, itchy skin on her arms, neck and scalp.

I wanted to see her able to enjoy life without constantly scratching her arms, and to play soccer without having the sweat burn when it hit her irritated skin.

We tried gluten free, dairy free and egg free for about 9 months, and that seemed to help at first. We also tried a variety of testing and supplements. None of it resolved her rashes, they kept flaring.

I’m so glad we found Jennifer. She helped support and guide us. We did new testing, and a thorough review of my daughter’s history, and our concerns. Jennifer developed our protocol to address what we found, including nutrient needs and gut problems.

With following the protocol Jennifer created for us, my daughter’s scalp is clear, her arms are almost clear, and all that is left on her neck is a small stubborn patch. We have a little ways to go, but it’s amazing now to pick her up after school and to see her not scratching constantly! 

I’m so glad Jennifer helped us get on the right track to beating my daughter’s skin rashes.”
— Tara O
“When I found Jennifer, I was extremely tired with body aches, a sore throat, and abdominal discomfort nearly all of the time. I couldn’t work, focus, make plans for the future, dream and create, spend much time with friends, support the communities I am a part of, travel, or move forward with my hopes and dreams. My health affected every part of my life, as I had been forced to spend about 80% of the previous 3 and ½ months in bed.

I felt that there were nutrient/vitamin/bacterial imbalances and deficiencies of some sort in my gut, as well as leaky gut syndrome, perhaps due to recent parasitic infections and heavy antibiotic treatments. I felt like my immune system was attacking itself, I seemed to have developed some food intolerances, and was on a very restricted diet.

Since working with Jennifer, I’m feeling a lot better! I’m not spending my days in bed, I don’t have to lie down to take a nap every day, my throat soreness and discomfort is much more mild (even not noticeable most days), my headaches are gone, my muscle aches are only occasional, I’m not waking up every day in pain, and I’m adding foods back into my diet!

With Jennifer, we identified imbalances and deficiencies, addressed them, and rebuilt my gut. For so long I felt unsupported and failed by Western medicine. Then I found Jennifer and got the support I needed, what a huge blessing.”
— Nick
“I am really ecstatic about doing better! I had a severe case of eczema which included weeping, bleeding in some cases, cracked, burning and itchy skin. After working with Jennifer for the past 9 months, my condition has drastically improved.

I had trouble sleeping, showering, and just going through day to day activities without having some complications of my eczema. I made multiple trips to urgent care just to get something to temporarily give me relief. Now, I am able to go throughout the day without having really any of those troubles, and while there were many times I couldn’t imagine life without constantly monitoring my condition or sleeping with sheets on the couch to soak some of the fluid leaking from my skin, I have improved 80-90% so far since working with Jennifer, and it is truly life changing. And all without prescription medications.

You want this woman working for you if getting better from a number of conditions is something you are looking for. She has two masters degrees in public health and nutrition and she is every bit of a science nerd. She loves learning, reading, and pouring over information. Jennifer was super prepared for my case, and for everything. She had primary plans, and then she also had secondary plans. Her pursuit for helping me improve was relentless.

She is super accessible to answer questions and comments, she understands the difficulties you live with, and wants nothing more than to help you feel better. I could not recommend anyone more highly than I would recommend Jennifer.

I also concurrently see and allergy doctor who has been practicing for 15+ years and I would hear some of the recommendations from my doctor, and I would tell my doctor that Jennifer had already suggested it.

Jennifer is an amazing clinical nutritionist, and I strongly consider her a friend. She is truly ultra prepared, and on top of everything. You will be in the best possible hands working with Jennifer.”
— Ryan
“After not getting anywhere with conventional and homeopathic medicine, I decided to work with Jennifer Brand to help resolve chronic skin pain issues and hair loss. She is a very kind, compassionate, thorough and knowledgeable nutritionist who offered great and effective advice. With Jennifer’s guidance, my skin pain has significantly improved. When I began working with her, I had a rash around my mouth that would burn. That rash is gone. I also struggle with PMDD, and I haven’t had symptoms in a few months now. My overall outlook about my health is more positive that it has been in a long time, and I’m eating more foods! I am grateful for Jennifer’s help in my healing journey.”
— VM
“My son has had behavioral problems, food sensitivities and various rashes from his scalp to his feet for more than 7 years. He has been taken to a variety of professionals, from pediatricians to dermatologists to neurologists to psychiatrists to holistic and functional medicine doctors. I also researched quite extensively myself and implemented various treatments and diet changes, with minimal improvement. Then we found Jennifer and everything turned around.

After thoroughly reviewing his most recent lab work, Jennifer pointed out severe problems with his gut (dysbiosis) as the likely underlying cause of his conditions, and came up with a personalized plan to address his gut first, which has already led to dramatic improvements in his behavior, anxiety, and the appearance of his rashes.

She also made several suggestions for natural, topical interventions, which have further helped his skin to heal.

My husband and I cannot thank Jennifer enough for her guidance as we continue to walk through this healing journey with our son.”
— Amy
“I’ve been working with Jennifer for over a year now and my initial concerns were chronic skin issues that doctors couldn’t figure out, including general practitioners, dermatologists, allergists, acupuncturists or neurologists.

Through various tests, we’ve uncovered several food allergies, including gluten sensitivity, which I would’ve never suspected could be the underlying cause. From removing those foods from my diet combined with supplements, I have seen improvement in my skin and more importantly, my levels are all now within a healthy range. My cholesterol dropped by 30 points, my blood sugars are within a normal range (instead of a high range, borderline pre-diabetic) and my general inflammation is under control.

Jennifer is well informed, well researched and totally committed to my health and will stop at nothing to find a solution to what ails me.” 
— JG
“I have the deepest respect for Jennifer’s empathy and knowledge for figuring out complex health issues that frustrate her clients to no end.

For the past few years, Jennifer has been one of my key nutritional advisors on very complicated cases seeing patterns and issues that elude most other less seasoned practitioners.

If you’re looking for help to figure out what the heck is wrong with your skin or digestive system, I highly recommend Jennifer as your go-to support!”
— Jennifer Fugo, CNS, Founder of Skinterrupt.com, Host of the Healthy Skin Show
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Jennifer Brand.

I was at a point in life where it was time to take hold of my health and make some true lifestyle changes.

I needed to lose weight, was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol levels, regular headaches, and reflux problems most of my life for which my doctor wanted me to take acid blocking medications.

Jennifer was so attentive as she guided me through this process of using diet, lifestyle and nutrient supplement interventions to resolve my health problems, and I met my goals! I’m at my goal weight, my blood sugar and lipid levels are in normal ranges, my headaches and reflux are gone, and I’m not taking any medications!”

She provided a detailed and through analysis of my individual needs followed by recommendations, and made it as easy as clicking a button to order my needed supplements and other items.

Jennifer took the time to listen to my story and my needs and created a plan that supported my lifestyle, not just a cookie cutter plan.

She continued to follow up with me, cheer my accomplishments and help me work through my setbacks. She educated me and guided me to a healthy lifestyle that is realistic to maintain and works for me.”
— Jessica
“Jennifer is truly amazing! She has helped me so much to improve my quality of life.

I’ve had joint problems for some time now and it got to the point where I couldn’t even do my regular yoga practice anymore, which was extremely frustrating to me. I didn’t want the aching of my body to take over my life and be limited. So I decided to take action. I met with Jennifer who came highly recommended to me. 

After meeting with Jennifer for the first time I could tell right away that she was the perfect person and right approach for me. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and she truly cares. She was able to identify quickly what contributed to my joint pain.

We talked about changes to make to my diet, and she gave me a customized supplement protocol to make a yummy smoothie out of, which I have been drinking for the last six months.

I noticed a change in my body within the first week of using the supplements and I’m able to workout again and do yoga without limitations. This is a true gift!

Jennifer made me realize again the importance of what we eat and do on a daily basis. You are what you eat! I can’t thank you enough, Jennifer. You are the best!”
— Christine
“Together, with Jennifer Brand, we have been able to identify not just what foods triggered the symptoms I was having FOR MORE THAN 40 years (the worst of which was chronic constipation), but also what was behind them.

She guided my path toward better health practices, taught me what to eat, and understood from the very beginning that something was not right.

Jennifer has been my mentor, and health coach, and held my hand in down moments, celebrations and laughs. She showed me that a healthy lifestyle is about more than just eating the right foods, and that everything is connected. I can’t thank her enough!!!”
— Inma
”Jennifer, THANKS to you I’m feeling great because my body is on an amazing journey.

My poop is regular, and I’m not constipated anymore. My body is responding in a great way, and my mind is focused (which links to the next thank you).

THANKS to you I’m seeing an acupuncturist, every week and doing an amazing job on balancing my body energy. The results are great for my mindset.

THANKS to you I’m enrolled in a course called Speak & Inspire. Because you showed me how important is to speak up and as a result my relationship is better and my relationship with the world is better!

THANKS to that (and to you) I have been offered a better position, which will bring more quality into my life in that it will give me more time, which I will use to care even more for myself and for the ones I love. And all that in just a few months.

You have given me the eyes that I needed to see the stars and I can’t be more thankful!”
— Inma
“Working with Jennifer has been informative and extremely helpful. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and knows all the latest scientific literature, which is important to me. With her help, I’ve made some pretty big leaps to get back on the right track with my health! 

I was able to lose weight, improve my blood sugar levels, and increase my energy levels.

Jennifer taught me how health begins in the gut, and in fact we did some functional testing and found that I had an overgrowth of candida in my gut.

It was once we started addressing my gut health that the pieces fell into place and I started getting the results I was hoping for. In addition to losing some weight, getting my blood sugar levels normalized, and increasing my energy, I also saw improvements in my rosacea!”
— Tony
“Jennifer is extremely passionate and truly cares about me and my health. She is a thoughtful, compassionate nutritionist who digs and digs to connect the dots into whatever your health issue may be.

I’ve been working with Jennifer for almost a year now and she is by far the most thoughtful nutritionist who asks questions no other doctor I’ve been to for my concerns has ever bothered to ask. We did some functional testing to see what was happening that my doctors couldn’t identify, and we found that I have a lot of food allergies, a MTHFR mutation, I’m sensitive to gluten, and my gut bacteria was “imbalanced” as Jennifer put it.

Jennifer guided me with some changes to my diet, and recommended some supplements specific to what was happening with my body, and my skin issues that have plagued me for years have now cleared up!”
— JG
“Jennifer is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and extremely well-informed.

I was amazed at how much research she did to help understand my issues with infertility, and the role my MTHFR gene, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis played in my overall health... she looked at my health holistically and connected dots that no doctor ever had for me.

Since I began seeing Jennifer, I’ve seen some positive signs on the fertility front, and now understand why my diet and lifestyle are so important for supporting my overall health, and the health issues I have.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking the help of a nutritionist to battle chronic problems - particularly the kind that Western medicine consistently fails to address. She’s the real deal!”
— VG

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