5 Ways To Incorporate Exercise

Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento

Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento

Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition addresses your health and wellness holistically. That means in addition to addressing underlying imbalances in your biochemistry that can be contributing to your health problems and working with you to create your customized optimal diet and nutrient supplementation plan, we need to look at lifestyle factors such as exercise for overall balance.

Exercise is important. It can help reduce stress, it keeps your body healthy, and it can help manage your health conditions. If you don’t currently exercise, start slow and work up to these recommendations (Table 1).

  1. YouTube has some awesome short and fun videos you can do in your own home, just search for your favorite type of exercise (yoga, pilates, stretching, tai chi, abs, etc.).

  2. Going for a walk is always an option.

  3. Look into your local YMCA or community college. Many have indoor swimming pools you can use year round.

  4. Join a local gym.

  5. Get your best friend or neighbor on board as your workout buddy and keep each other motivated, whether your exercise together or just hold each other accountable for doing it. 

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