How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Photo credit: Julia Gomelsky

Photo credit: Julia Gomelsky

Are you nervous about the holidays and your diet?

I get asked often to provide tips on how to stay on track during the holidays.

Of course, we can:

  • Not show up at holiday parties starving by having a healthy snack beforehand

  • Fill up at the veggie tray at the party, and eat your vegetables first

  • Chew thoroughly and eat slowly

  • If drinking alcohol, alternate with water (stay hydrated!)

  • Pay attention to your satiety (fullness) cues and stop before you are uncomfortably full

  • Go for a walk after dinner with friends/family

  • Enjoy your favorite treats in moderation

This is not news, right? We know what we are supposed to do.

My tip to you for the holidays is this:

Holiday time is wrought with stress and anxiety, and worrying about losing control around food only increases that stress and anxiety. This is no fun, and bad for your health. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that indulging may actually be the healthier option.

During the holidays we take the opportunity to spend more time connecting with loved ones, and often it’s around food. Give yourself permission to enjoy the experience! If you want to indulge, indulge.

If anyone asks, tell them your nutritionist said it was ok (your nutritionist also says to remember to take into account your health conditions and known diet related needs).

Once things don’t feel forbidden, there’s no guilt, and you become more in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues (and naturally less likely to way overdo it).

Hear it straight from me!

Happy holidays!
Your partner in health,
Jennifer, MPH, MS, CNS
Functional and Clinical Nutritionist