Guide To Eating For Healthy Skin

Photo credit:  Daisy Laparra

Photo credit: Daisy Laparra

Nutrition has been recognized for over 100 years as a very important factor in skin health. It’s well known that malnutrition or deficiencies of certain nutrients can significantly impact wound healing after injury and surgery.

Calorie intake, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals all affect skin health.

In my FREE Guide to Eating for Healthy Skin you’ll learn:

  1. The important roles your skin plays

  2. How healthy skin is related to nutrition

  3. Why healthy skin depends on having a healthy gut

  4. How impaired detoxification affects your skin

  5. What REAL detoxification is (and it’s NOT juices, cleanses and detox diets)

  6. Why food sensitivities aren’t the root cause of your skin rashes, and what food sensitivities really mean

  7. The problem with elimination diets, and ‘healthy’ diets that restrict foods, food groups and categories of foods

  8. What nutrients your body needs for healthy skin, and detoxification, and what foods they are found in

  9. And much more!