How To Save Time Preparing For Your Diet Plan

Photo credit: Jan Sedivy

Photo credit: Jan Sedivy

One of the biggest challenges to making changes to your diet and sticking to your new plan is the time it takes to prepare good-for-you meals and healthy snacks.


Here are some tips to help you save time and stay on track!


  • Chop vegetables ahead of time, place in containers or bags so you can grab them on the go as snacks, or throw together a quick salad

    • Have a favorite vinegar on hand (balsamic, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, fresh lemon or lime) and healthy oil (extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil) to make a quick dressing for salads

    • Add vegetables and the dressing to a container (even a large zip lock bag), shake to mix, and eat

      • Great for a quick on the go salad, and you can take it to work for lunch or a snack

      • Add hardboiled egg, chicken, nuts, or any other protein of choice to make it a meal

  • Invest in a crock-pot or instant-pot

    • Recipes are available everywhere, throw in your ingredients before you leave for work in the morning, turn on the machine, and when you arrive home, you’ll have a hot, home cooked meal waiting for you

    • Leftovers can be taken to work with you the next day for lunch

  • Shop online for groceries, there are a variety of options for this nowadays

  • Cook in large batches, divide food into smaller containers or freezer bags, and freeze to enjoy throughout the week, or to take with you to work

  • Cook with friends, and take turns making meals together to increase the fun factor and turn the work of cooking into a fun and social activity

  • Purchase pre-made meals and snacks, Territory FoodsBlue ApronFreshly, and Graze are examples of companies that deliver fresh ingredients to your door on a weekly basis, and you can search for more such companies in your area online**

    • Many deliver precooked meals, and also cater to special dietary needs

    • Some meal kits are now sold in stores, and the Guide to Cutting Meal Kit Costs provides helpful tips on how you can take advantage of savings


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*Adapted from the Bioindividual Nutrition Institute

**This is not an endorsement for any particular company, these are simply examples of companies that provide meal services

If you need guidance on what to eat, The JCB Nutrition Food Pyramid and Diet Plan will help. The program will:

  • Help you understand which foods to avoid if you are embarking on an elimination diet

  • Teach you which healthy foods contain natural chemicals that can trigger symptoms including skin and gut issues, among MANY others

  • Show you what those natural food chemicals are

  • Teach you what foods are common allergens

  • Guide you in choosing what foods to eat and in what amounts