Serving Sizes, How Much You Should Be Eating

Graphic Credit:  Stay Fit N Young

Graphic Credit: Stay Fit N Young


How Much Should Your Little One Be Eating?

Graphic credit:  Mommy Maricel

Graphic credit: Mommy Maricel

If you’re struggling with understanding serving sizes, these graphics can provide some guidance!


General ‘rules’

  1. Start with non-starchy vegetables, and fill your (or your little one’s) plate 1/2 way with them

  2. Add your protein

  3. Add your fats

  4. Add your carbs

  5. Eat until satiated, not stuffed

  6. Fill up on non-starchy vegetables first


For little ones

  1. They have an innate ability to regulate their hunger and fullness cues, and their intake naturally changes during and between growth spurts

  2. Never force them to eat, or bargain with them to clean their plate

  3. Appropriate portion sizes are smaller than you might think

  4. Expose your little one to a variety of foods from ALL food groups and categories of foods


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