Roasted Nuts and Seeds

Perfectly Roasted Nuts and Seeds

Perfectly Roasted Nuts and Seeds

I made these in a pinch when I needed an emergency snack that still was up to nutritional snuff.

You can use any combination of your favorite nuts and seeds. This batch included what I had on hand, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Almonds are full of healthy fats, and contain fiber, protein, and magnesium (among other nutrients).

Pumpkin seeds are high in antioxidants, magnesium and fiber, and have anti-fungal properties!


  • Nuts and seeds of choice

  • Avocado oil

  • Salt and/or other spices and seasonings as desired

    • Turmeric, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and/or crushed red pepper flakes are some ideas to give them a kick

    • Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cacao powder are some ideas if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side


  • Add avocado oil to a fry pan and turn on heat to medium

  • Add nuts and seeds, and seasonings of choice (I just do salt usually)

  • Stir as they brown for a few minutes, it goes fast so stay on top on it!

  • Let cool and enjoy

You can snack on these, and even add them to salads.

Jennifer Caryn Brand

Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, CNS is a clinical nutritionist specializing in childhood skin rashes like eczema, food allergies and sensitivities, and gut problems. Jennifer helps her clients resolve imbalances, nourish their bodies, restore their health, and beat chronic symptoms and health problems.